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The Federal Government has substantial mandatory Set Asides of every contract designated for Small Businesses with certifications. Find out if your Small Business qualifies for any of these Set Asides. The Set Aside contracts are there waiting for qualified Small Businesses to find them. Contact us today for more information at (844) 863-5166

Some of the Many Different Types of Certifications

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Content Copyright 2016. "GP&M" Government Procurement & Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. GP&M is not a government agency.The fees charged by GP&M are for specific services provided and not for the forms which are provided for free by the Government for self registration.GP&M is one of the largest third party Federal SAM registration firms in the world. We also offer various other registration services that include international CAGE Code Numbers (NCAGE), and WAWF Registration and Invoicing (Wide-Area Work Flow). GP&M has become one of the most trusted SAM Registration companies in the industry.
GP&M is the only 3rd party registration firm that is fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.