The Importance of Renewing Your
SAM Registration 60 Days Before Expiration

Why Should I Renew My SAM Early?

In order to receive Federal Contracts, it is required that your business be registered in the system (or the System for Award Management). Having less than 60 days remaining on your Federal SAM Registration significantly reduces your chances of getting awarded a contract after placing your bid. Not updating the registration before this date may delay Federal payments, and will inevitably affect your future Federal contracts.  Being that the systems do not update instantly after renewal, it is ideal to renew 14 added days before your actual renewal date. In order to maintain your “active” status, after either an address or POC change, you will need to renew at 74 days ahead of your actual renewal date (60 days to keep you valid, and 14 additional for insurance).

Here are a Few of the Top Reasons Why
Contracting Officers Avoid SAM Registrations
that are Less than 60 Days from Expiring:

The SAM Registration will need to be renewed before contract payment occurs.  Below are the few reasons why this can be a problem:

  • This is mainly a large problem with SAM lately due to many errors associated with renewals under new regulations. This applies especially with change of POC’s or relevant company profile changes with a company
  • Changes in certification of ORCA filing due to new Foreign End Product Requirements
  • New Requirements needed in the SAM Registration (This will be applicable if new requirements come, once you renew you are grandfathered in)
  • Business owner simply forgetting to renew the registration
  • Issues with the SAM database processing Renewals
  • D&B update issues
  • Address Change
  • Company Name Change
  • Merger – Acquisitions – Agreements

Exceptions to renewing early in SAM
(System for Award Management)

Businesses Working their Last Federal Contract – A Dissolving or Retiring Business

This is when your business is no longer looking to benefit from Government contracts.  The expiration date in SAM will be okay as long as the last Federal payment will occur before this date.  If your final payment is after this date, you will be required to renew before payment will be rendered.

Contracting Officers are not allowed to issue payment if the Registration is not valid.

Entities Receiving Federal Grants

Federal Grant recipients that are not in open competition may not benefit directly from not being on the 60-Day Expiration list, but it is still recommended that they renew early to prevent payment issues. Many non-profits have many volunteers, and every year they change positions allowing extra time to process these changes is still recommended. We have seen numerous non-profits along with State and local Governments miss payments due to various registration/update errors. Your registration costs will always be the same and you will not have to worry about missing a payment if you renew early.

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