Four Paths to Winning Government Contracts

GP&M’s Holistic Approach to Contract Procurement

The SAM Registration is only one of three vital segments to obtain Government contracts. Our experienced staff will handle your SAM registration, upcoming migrations, and your Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) profile.

The SBA listing associated with your business is how procurement officers can find your company. We specialize in optimizing this profile for heightened visibility to all parties/entities that want to do business with your company. Our services also include the capabilities Narrative, keyword search, and past performance history, and most importantly, a fully interactive capabilities statement that separates you from all potential competitors.

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Content Copyright 2016. "GP&M" Government Procurement & Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. GP&M is not a government agency.The fees charged by GP&M are for specific services provided and not for the forms which are provided for free by the Government for self registration.GP&M is one of the largest third party Federal SAM registration firms in the world. We also offer various other registration services that include international CAGE Code Numbers (NCAGE), and WAWF Registration and Invoicing (Wide-Area Work Flow). GP&M has become one of the most trusted SAM Registration companies in the industry.
GP&M is the only 3rd party registration firm that is fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.